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This year I am really working to make my creative life a successful endeavor. Like a lot of women I was able to have children and a career, for many years it worked.I got to a point where my career was not fulfilling and at the same time my kids needed a personal taxi, so I quit my job and went on sabbatical trying to find my new path. It was wonderful, it was scary and then it was just down right overwhelming. In my old career, I created brand awareness for companies big and small and now it is time to do it for my own brand. At times it feels daunting and the comparison started to set in. I...

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DIY Chalk Style Gift Wrap

 I saw this on the Blog and I love the idea.... Add a little chalk marker, and our Black Shadow Stripe Kraft Gift Wrap looks just like a chalkboard! You can also use these markers, available at most craft supply stores, on our 100% Recycled Black Kraft Shopping Bags or Black Merchandise Bags (below). Use a regular pencil to sketch out your design first, then trace over it with the chalk marker. Once the marker is dry, you can erase the pencil marks. Top the gift with some of our new Burlap Twine for an adorable, handmade look. And don’t be concerned if your lettering doesn’t look “perfect” – that’s part of the charm! -using a tape measure to help cut...

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